Get Your British Canoeing Awards

Get Your British Canoeing Awards


Are you aged 16 or under and looking for a fun and exciting award while developing your canoeing skills?

Look no further… Paddlepower Awards have been designed especially for you!

You can work your way through the different levels one after the other, or start at the level you or your coach feel suits you best. Either way, you get a certificate when you’ve finished the course.

During each level you will get to learn a variety of canoeing skills and challenges and improve your knowledge – all in a fun and flexible way, and in different types of canoe (this depends on what equipment is available at your club/ centre).

British Canoeing Star Awards

The British Canoeing Star Awards are designed for paddlers aged 16 and over.

1 and 2 star awards encourage paddlers to experience the various types of paddlesport available. Paddlers then 'specialise' in particular disciplines from the 3 Star Award onwards. The focus of the 1, 2 and 3 star awards is developing personal skills and gaining independence, while the 4 star and 5 star awards are leadership awards which enable paddlers to lead groups in appropriate conditions.

The BCU One Star is a flat water award that demonstrates an individual has basic boat control and foundation skills.The one star can be taken in any kind of paddlesport craft (e.g. sit-on-top, slalom C2, polo boat, sea kayak, racing canoe etc.)

The BCU Two Star is an improvement award that helps paddlers develop fundamental paddlesport skills on flat water. The emphasis is on gaining a breadth of experience, creating the desired movement of the boat and developing an understanding into how the paddle, boat and water interact. 

This award is significantly different to the old 2 star, with a change to develop generic movement skills that can transfer to any discipline and with an assessed journey. Assessors will need to be able to assess the award in a variety of craft.